Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's been a long time since I posted anything at all. Here are some pictures of the girls from the last few months.

The girls have decided that they only want to eat what they can feed themselves. Here they are enjoying some cheerios.

Isabelle was very sick with a bad ear infection (she had a fever for 5 days) and only wanted Mom, so Savannah got to spend a lot of time with Dad. Here they are on their way to church.

Isabelle finally fell asleep without crying for Mom to hold her. I decided not to move her, she slept for about an hour. It was a nice break.

Savannah was a trooper through Belle's sickness. She mostly just rolled/crawled on the floor and played while Mom held Belle.

Easter Sunday!

All dressed up to go visit with cousins in Logan.
Finally! We hold our own bottles

Our first trip to the zoo! We didn't really know what to look for but it was fun to be outside.

At the zoo with some of our cousins.

At the tulip festival. It had just hailed so a lot of the flowers were ruined--but it was still beautiful.

We still get sleepy while we eat and sometimes we just have to take a little nap.

We just love raspberries! One more please.

11 months old/Mother's Day

This Savannah's favorite place to play.
Isabelle thinks its pretty fun too.
Poor Savannah! She got her first ear infections. After having Mom hold her all night and then throwing up all of herself (and Mom) she finally fell asleep on Mom and Dad's bed.
While I was taking care of Savannah, Isabelle somehow managed to crawl into the laundry basket. I don't know how she did it without making any noise.
After a nap and some Motrin someone was feeling well enough to play with her favorite "toy".
Oops! I forgot to rotate this one. Savannah is enjoying a chariot ride in her favorite "toy".


Layton Clan said...

They are so cute! Can't believe they are already 11 months old - but then my little Marin is almost 8 months. Sheesh. It goes so fast. I hope you had a wonderful first mothers day!

Lexi said...

They are absolutely precious. My heart melted when I saw all of the sleeping pictures- especially the one of the high chairs! Their heads were even leaning towards each other! So cute. Glad that thing are going well!

Unknown said...

So cute! I can't believe they are almost 1!